why buy an existing business?

It’s a good question, with more than one answer. Many buyers are looking for a proven revenue stream. An existing business has an established customer base, products and services, supplier relationships, employees and the necessary infrastructure to generate that cash flow.

Sometimes it’s the opportunity to better utilize your professional skills and create a lifestyle that working for someone else simply doesn’t permit. Or, you may be the type of buyer who wants to grow your own business through targeted acquisitions.

The advisors at Synergy have worked with a variety of buyers, including:

  • Individuals looking to make a career change, escape from the corporate cubicle, be their own boss and create their desired lifestyle.
  • Financial buyers, including private equity groups, who seek out businesses that fit a certain set of criteria and bring a desired return on investment.
  • Strategic buyers who are looking to grow a company through targeted acquisitions.

Whatever your reasons, Synergy can assist you with finding the right business to buy, as well as successfully navigate the entire purchase process.