is your business sellable?

The first step in any successful sale is knowing what you’ve got. If you’re not sure how your business measures up, we invite you to fill out a brief questionnaire to determine a Sellability Score for your business. This simple online tool is:

  • Free
  • Confidential
  • Takes just 13 minutes


Developed by John Warrillow, best-selling author of “Built to Sell: How To Create A Business That Can Thrive Without You,” the Sellability Score will tell you how sellable your business is today. Gain valuable insights into how buyers evaluate your business, including:

  • Where your business ranks on a scale from “easy” to “hard” to sell
  • Your best options for improving the sellability (i.e. value) of your business
  • The most important questions to ask yourself prior to selling

After completing the online questionnaire, you will immediately receive your Sellability Score (from 1 to 100), along with instructions for interpreting your results.
You will also have the option to receive a free 24-page report via Email, complete with your results and a detailed explanation of the eight key attributes of a sellable business.

It’s time. Find out how sellable your business is today.