exit planning.

planned success.

The best-case scenario rarely just happens. At Synergy, we help our clients prepare for that moment – whether they intend to transfer ownership to a talented management team, or sell to an outside buyer for maximum value.

Your Synergy advisor will encourage you to understand all of your available exit options in light of your post-exit goals. We’ll encourage you to anticipate foreseeable challenges – anything that might impact a successful exit or hinder your decision-making process.

Once you’ve got your exit strategy in clear view, you’re likely to become a better owner. It’s the difference between passive & active ownership. It’s the definition of managing opportunities with intent, and it’s what makes us Synergy. Don’t have a plan yet? It’s time.

  • articulate personal & financial goals
  • quantify existing business value
  • identify exit options & timing
  • compare to goals & consider potential challenges
  • identify value-enhancement opportunities
  • develop action plan & move into execution phase