selling your business.

It’s the liquidity event that funds the next dream. You could attempt to go it alone, but why? It’s time to consider your options. The stakes are high, and the right amount of expertise could mean the difference between disappointment and that next chapter in life.

At Synergy, we’re dedicated exclusively to the business transfer process. It’s what we do – and it’s all we do throughout the year. The Synergy process is straight-forward; and it’s a process we know well:

first things first: valuation.

We’ll review your firm’s assets and historic financial performance. We’ll research comparable transaction data, and from a buyer’s perspective, we’ll calculate the most probable selling price. If your business requires a more comprehensive valuation (beyond this market-based approach), your Synergy Business advisor can assist with that process as well.

market your business.

Synergy is often recognized for the quality of our marketing materials, and the thoroughness with which we prepare businesses to go to market. We’ll get maximum exposure for your business (while maintaining confidentiality) – tailoring our efforts to attract the best prospective buyers for your business.

attract buyers.

Our regional presence is an asset; our national perspective is a unique advantage. At Synergy, we have the capacity to get your business in front of thousands of buyers, and that’s exactly what we do. We carefully screen buyer inquiries along the way – evaluating their interest level, qualifications, and financial strength to complete a successful transaction.

maintain confidentiality.

One of the primary benefits of a Synergy engagement is our commitment to strict discretion. We’ll maintain this commitment throughout the selling process – requiring all interested buyers to sign the necessary confidentiality agreements prior to releasing proprietary (or identifying) information about your business.

manage the transaction.

Once an offer is in place, your Synergy advisor will handle negotiations in a professional manner – allowing you to stay at arm’s length. We’ll work cooperatively with other members of your deal team – including attorneys, accountants, and financial planners. Together, we’ll manage the details of due diligence, and produce a successful closing.